Bathroom Beauty

Ceramic and porcelain tile are the perfect solution for every bathroom floor because they are impervious to water, durable, and come in a multitude of styles and textures. 


Space an issue? Use larger tiles to create fewer grout lines which help make a small bathroom appear larger.

Living That Inspires

Tile is the perfect material to hold up to the heavy traffic of an entrance way or living area. Porcelain, ceramic, or slate tile will stand the test of time in any high traffic setting and can handle whatever the four seasons throw at you. Polished marble will give an elegant feel.

The Heart Of The Home

The durability of ceramic and porcelain tile is perfect for all kitchen applications. Dark colors will provide a visual anchor point while light colors will bring out the warmth of natural light. Slate and tumbled stone are perfect types of tile to bring out the country or old world design styles.

SmartTiles have been...

Our range of kitchen floor, wall and splashback tiles cater for all stlyes and budgets...



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